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Medea Rising was founded 2007 as a 5 piece band in Thüringen/Germany. The music combines various styles caused by different influences of the bandmembers. In the songs you find typical deathmetal shreds, brutal hardcore breakdowns but also melodic clean parts and catchy tunes merged with a huge range of extreme vocals.



In 2008 Medea Rising released a self-titled 4-track Promo-EP and after 2 years of hard work the band released their very diversified debut full lenght album "We Were Never Meant To Be" in September 2010, which is sold exclusively at shows and online stores such as itunes, amazon etc., but the band is still searching for a label. With their massive live energy the band played over 80 shows in Germany with bands like Born From Pain,
Callejon, Misery speaks, For The Fallen Dreams, WFAHM, Awaken Demons just to mention a few. In winter 2010 the band was forced to split up with leadsinger Franz, who decided to take his chance making his graduates at a foreign university. The band found in Steve a new member on mic, who pushed Medea to the next level.


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